Kastoria Announces Destination Branding Framework for Tourism

Kastoria, Greece.

The northern Greek town of Kastoria recently unveiled its new city Destination brand and logo As part of a strategic plan to attract more tourist flows to the region.

The new logo inspired by the town’s designs LakeAnd mountainous surroundings and strong Byzantine culture attendees, at a special event organized by the municipality of Kastoria.

The design features the letter “K” prominently and includes a line symbolizing lake waves. The unique location of the logo on the side emphasizes the intersection of nature, history and culture.

The new logo of the city of Kastoria. Image source: Kastoria Municipality.

According to Castoria Mayor Yannis KornsidisThe new logo would serve as a “branding” for the town as a tourist destination. He added that positioning the brand on the destination was “essential” to fully support and promote its advantages.

The brand framework and logo were developed through discussions with local officials and tourism stakeholders and visitor research he conducted Wise Ram SAa Greek consulting firm specializing in tourism, hospitality and marketing services.

(From left): Kastoria Mayor Yannis Korintsidis; Wise Ram CEO Spiros Pengas; Kastoria Culture and Tourism, the city’s deputy mayor, Athanasios Remos, and Wise Ram marketing and communication expert, Laura Argyropoulou. Image source: Kastoria Municipality.

During the event, the Deputy Mayor of Culture and Tourism of Kastoria Athanasius Remus Thanks to the company for its efforts and cooperation. He stressed that the implementation of Kastoria’s tourism strategy “will bring positive results soon.”

Kastoria’s multicultural heritage and natural beauty will be promoted as an ideal wellness and pilgrimage destination.

According to municipal officials, further actions will be taken in 2023 as part of Kastoria’s brand strategy to promote tourism development.

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