Kylian Mbappe possible destinations: PSG’s star says he wants to leave, here are his most likely landing spots

Kylian Mbappe’s first season after signing his contract extension with Paris Saint-Germain seemed to go according to plan with the team that leads the Ligue 1 and Champions League group, but according to multiple sources, the French striker is not happy, and Now he says he wants to leave the club. While taking Mbappe out of him would take a lot ParisHistory has shown that contracts don’t mean much if enough money is put in front of the club. Long-term deals are more about protecting a player’s value in the event of a transfer than ensuring a player’s survival.

Of course, the desire to leave the epic or not to leave is not new for the Paris club as was reported last summer, as Mbappe reportedly had a verbal agreement with Real Madrid Before he eventually fell off the track and decided to stay with PSG to try and win the Champions League with a club from his hometown of Paris. Such news stories shed light on the world of football. It is not every day that he can become an available world star and at the age of 23, having already won the World Cup and five Ligue 1 titles, Mbappe can instantly jump with a team to become a contender for the Champions League. In only 229 matches for Paris Saint-Germain, Mbappe scored 182 goals and made another 88. look at me Effect who - which Erling Haaland has in ManchesterMbappe may be the same, so the interest would be incredibly high, of course any potential transfer fee.

Let’s look at the possible landing sites for the Frenchie:

Paris Saint-Germain: Candidates to keep Mbappe

PSG must be the most popular candidate for Mbappe services. While he is seeking a move, it may be that he wants a particular player to start more games or a change of formation so that the team attacks more. While Paris Saint-Germain leads the French Ligue 1 by only one point due to a great start to the season by LorientThis team is still undefeated in all competitions. around her Lionel Messi And the NeymarParis Saint-Germain offers the global talent Mbappe needs to win the Champions League even if his star does not shine brightly during every win due to the quality of the players around him.

It’s hard to say exactly what Mbappe wants, but lately he has seemed to complain that PSG are playing a different system than the one they’re working on. France He plays alongside a traditional striker. During the summer, PSG were not able to get the real number 9 and it is likely that Mbappe is simply the one who is upset with the well-known situation. PSG are also flirting with Neymar’s move this summer, and while any problems between the players appear to have been largely resolved, Mbappe may have simply decided the situation couldn’t work out if the Brazilian was part of their studded attacking line.

Whether it’s a tactical scenario or some other form of tension lurking beneath the surface, the most likely situation appears to be that Mbappe is pushing for changes at PSG, and that he could get what he wants.

Real Madrid: A second summit in the transfer deal

Just months ago, Real Madrid was the deserted party when Mbappe refused to sign him Stream A three-year contract with PSG after verbally agreeing to join Los Blancos, this decision was preceded by years of Madrid chasing Mbappe, including a last-second nine-figure bid the previous summer, which made PSG furious in Madrid. . After Mbappe returned to lead Paris Saint-Germain in the Spanish League, he threatened to sue the French team, which intensified the war of words. Therefore, it seems unlikely that these two teams will do business again. But with enough money, anything is possible, and if there’s one thing Madrid has, it’s their money. Drive a truck big enough for the money and the door can be reopened for Mbappe to move to Madrid. Join his fellow teammate in the national team Karim Benzema He may be of interest to Mbappe as he can help keep Real Madrid at the top of the game when Benzema finally kicks his boots. Mbappe link with Vinicius Jr Benzema will make Los Blancos the favorite to retain the Champions League title, and Mbappe has been a fan of the club since his childhood.

There will be little things to work on like what to do Rodrigo Valverde is good, but Real Madrid could even offer Paris Saint-Germain to make his move from Mbappe easier. Sure enough, there is enough that can make a deal happen. Madrid is one of the few teams in the world that has the money and players to make themselves a tempting solution. They also have the enmity of PSG, who will need to agree to any deal

Liverpool: Does the struggling club need another star?

While Mbappe’s future always seemed to be a race between two teams last summer, if there was a black horse lurking in it, it was Jurgen Klopp’s team. Now, with a string of injuries and a downturn in Mohamed Salah’s level, something must happen to turn the season in favor of a team that finds itself in a shocking 10th place after playing eight games. Jurgen Klopp confirmed that Liverpool were interested in Mbappe in May despite not having the financial strength to make a deal at the time, saying: “We are not blind” because any team in the world should be interested in Mbappe. While the Reds have struggled in the Premier League, they are still well placed to qualify for the knockout stages of the Champions League which could be enough to make Mbappe interested in the move.

Of course, Liverpool spent it last summer and dropped a lot of money on striker Darwin Nunez which could make the move unlikely especially since Liverpool are also tracking the midfielder. Jude Bellingham But plans can change quickly. Liverpool lost Sadio Mane to Bayern Munich last summer and his successor Luis Diaz It will stay until at least the World Cup, so more strikers could come in handy.

Mbappe isn’t a perfect fit for Liverpool, but when you’re a superstar of this size, being totally unfit can make the gamble worthwhile.

Chelsea: an American owner who loves great deals

Since his purchase of Chelsea FC last spring, Todd Boehle has been to engage Chelsea in the conversation of most stars around the world, as he flirts with the acquisition. Cristiano RonaldoBuy Raheem Sterling And the Pierre-Emerick Aubameyangwhile adding Kalidou CoulibalyAnd the Wesley Fofana And the Mark Cucurella in defense. It’s easy to see how Mbappe’s talent would fascinate Bohli. It was already Chelsea Linked to Christopher Nkunko As his next attacking signing, Boehly will surely make a run for Mbappe as such a move could make Chelsea a contender for the Premier League title. Also, having won the Champions League in 2021, Chelsea is another team that can make history in reaching the heights that Mbappe demands.

Barcelona: They can apparently make as much money as they like

Barcelona cannot be excluded from this move despite its complicated financial situation. Although they didn’t have the money to spend earlier this year, after a series of financial machinations, they built a team of stars under the rubric of Robert Lewandowski It seems that how much money they have is far less important than how much money they want to spend. By pulling the levers left and right, Barcelona have demonstrated the ability to get the players they want with ease while also finding their heavyweights so that they can sign new signings and score under the La Liga salary cap. It would be in Barcelona’s interest to run at Mbappe even if he doesn’t end up at Real Madrid while maintaining the strength of La Liga there. There is no shortage of strikers for Barcelona, ​​but similar to Real Madrid’s situation as Benzema gets older, Mbappe can help smooth the transition from Lewandowski when he decides to hang up his boots while helping Barcelona challenge their first Champions League title since 2015.