Looking for some new holiday movies? Check out these underrated festive flicks

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The busy class workload leaves no time for movies, so catch up on everything you missed, and more, with some heartwarming movies. Every year, the holiday season highlights classic holiday movies, so if you’re looking for something different to watch, this list offers some never-before-seen seasonal movies that you may not have seen before.

Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell team up for a new musical adaptation of Charles Dickens’ classic “A Christmas Carol.” Reynolds plays Clint Briggs, the “miserable hate” archetype of this story. Ferrell, who plays the ghost of a Christmas present, takes him on a journey.

However, the story takes a twist on the original as Ferrell’s ghost character begins examining his past. For the first time in the long history of “A Christmas Carol” retellings, audiences will finally see the story through the eyes of a ghost rather than a “Scrooge” character.

Not only is this a classic Christmas tale with two of Hollywood’s biggest stars, “Spirited” is also a musical with a soundtrack written by Benji Pasek and Justin Paul for “Dear Evan Hansen” and “The Greatest Showman.” Be sure to check out “Spirited” on AppleTV+ this holiday season.

violent night
If you want to stay in the Christmas spirit, but need a break from the magic of the regular season, Violent Night is the perfect choice. This Christmas comedy stars David Harbor as the tough Santa Claus who must protect the home of a young girl when it is invaded on Christmas Eve.

The film is produced by 87North Productions, which recently released two of the most fun action films of the past few years in Nobody and Bullet Train, both of which feature the perfect mix of camp and humility.

Critics have called “Violent Night” an explosive blend of two Christmas classics, “Home Alone” and “Die Hard,” two films that capture the spirit of Christmas in original and creative ways. While this movie isn’t very family friendly, it’s guaranteed to be an exciting ride that can get you in the Christmas spirit in an unconventional way.

Christmas story Christmas
Nearly 40 years after the release of the classic “A Christmas Story,” Peter Billingsley is returning to his iconic role as Ralphie Parker. Set in 1973, the film follows Parker as he attempts to give his family the same memorable Christmas experience he had as a child in the original film. To do this, Parker travels home to Hohman, Indiana, to spend Christmas in the same house he spends in “A Christmas Story”.

As he did as a child, Parker will have an eventful holiday season including some broken bones, light criminal activity, and encounters with many of the main characters from the original film, all played by the same actors as in 1983. Although Parker is now an exaggerated This movie, there is still a sense of childlike wonder in this story, offering something for the whole family to enjoy. “A Christmas Story Christmas” is sure to be a fun and nostalgic way to get into the holiday spirit. Make sure to check it out on HBO Max.

Falling at Christmas
A true holiday movie season wouldn’t be complete without a good romantic comedy. This year, “Falling for Christmas” took the lead in the holiday romcom conversation. Former child star Lindsay Lohan returns to a leading role as hotel heiress named Sierra Belmont, who wants to be known by something other than her last name. After a mishap, Belmont is fired and wakes up in the care of Chord Overstreet’s Jake Russell with amnesia.

In the spirit of other romantic comedies, Belmont’s inner struggle leads her to find unexpected love with Russell, the owner of a smaller resort on the same mountain as Belmont’s father. After Russell helps her recover from the accident, the two spend the rest of the movie finding love through the holiday spirit. “Falling for Christmas” plays many of the same tropes we’ve come to expect from a Christmas-themed romantic comedy - including two opposite people who fall in love and an upper-class person who gets turned down by a small town when they come together for the holidays. Any romantic comedy fan should watch this movie this holiday season on Netflix.

Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special
After a volatile year for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, director James Gunn helped cap off the strong year for the franchise with “The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special.” Even though Gunn is only an hour long, it still brings all the special elements of the previous Guardians of the Galaxy movies, including fun music, cartoon-like visuals, funny dialogue, and tremendous chemistry between the characters. This story follows Drax (Dave Bautista) and Mantis (Pom Klementieff) as they try to get Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) back in the Christmas spirit.

To do so, the two travel to Earth to find the perfect “gift” for Quill, his favorite actor, Kevin Bacon. Arriving at the Guardians’ home in space, Quill is horrified by Bacon’s appearance and demands to be sent back to Earth. However, before Bacon leaves he decides to teach the guards a lesson about Christmas. Bacon and the Old 97 sing songs about what really matters during the holiday season.

Whether you’re a Marvel fan or not, “The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special” is a fun and unique way to get into the Christmas spirit on Disney+.

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