Macy’s Joins Retailers in Holiday Hire Limits

Retailers and other employers who engage in seasonal hiring face a season of higher prices, lower consumer spending and worries about a recession.

like barons mentioned On Sunday, this prompted some retailers to scale back the hiring of seasonal workers this year or simply not disclose recruitment targets for 2022.

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PYMNTS noticed this last month Dick sporting goods It planned to hire 9,000 seasonal workers, a number 10% below the company’s 2021 hiring target. Last year, the sporting goods retailer said it would hire the most seasonal fellow in its history.

Messi It plans to hire more than 41,000 workers for seasonal positions in stores, supply chain locations and call centers - a number the company said was “relatively consistent” with the number of workers hired in previous years.

And the Walmart In September, it announced plans to hire 40,000 seasonal workers - 75% less than its 2021 leave target.

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PYMNTS reported last week that Walmart and a number of other retailers were launching their shopping deals earlier than usual for the holidays in an effort to entice customers at a time when many of them are cutting back on their spending.

While the actual response to these offers and expectations has yet to emerge, a number of recent retail forecasts have indicated that this year’s shopping season will be somewhat muted.

Among those predictions was Adobe Analyticswho said earlier this month that online spending in the holiday shopping season is likely to grow just 2.5% this year, the lowest growth since the company began monitoring that spending in 2015. It is also possible that it will decline. Spending in some categories.

The report said that while consumers were racing to buy goods in 2021 due to concerns about supply chain issues, they will likely return to spending this year due to inflation.

Around the same time, buy now, pay later (BNPL) Confirms He issued a projection showing that while consumers will indeed start shopping earlier, they will look for discounts and cut back on spending on gifts for their co-workers.

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