Malta wins Lonely Planet’s top destination to unwind award

The global travel authority Lonely Planet revealed its best destinations to visit next year with the launch of Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2023, and Malta was awarded the “Best Relaxation Destination” award, along with destinations such as Halkidiki in Greece and Jordan, said the Malta Tourism Authority.

Lonely Planet said Malta has been “much loved by European visitors for decades,” adding that it “attracts more visitors from all over the world, lured by prehistoric temples, great diving and bustling Valletta, its beautiful capital,” Add MTA.

The Lonely Planet’s annual Moment of Light celebrates the MTA with their expert predictions for where to go next year. Showcasing 30 amazing destinations around the world, Best in Travel 2023 is Lonely Planet’s 18th annual compilation of the world’s top destinations and must-see travel experiences for the year ahead. Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2023 recommends 30 must-visit spots around food , trekking, connecting, learning and relaxing. It offers a comprehensive range of itineraries that aim to help travelers explore the world - with some seriously knowledgeable local experts following along along the way.”

The award was presented to Tourism Minister Clayton Bartolo. Gavin Julia and Carlo Micallef, Chairman and CEO of Malta Tourism Authority, during last week’s World Travel Market in London.

“Malta’s image in the tourism world is fast gaining the strong reputation it really deserves. In the past months, Malta Tourism has been a proactive drive in making sure the splendor of the Maltese Islands is shared and spread around the world,” Tourism Minister Clayton Bartolo summed up.

Each year, Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2023 lists begin with nominations from Lonely Planet’s vast community of staffers, writers, bloggers, publishing partners, and more. The nominations are then narrowed down by our team of travel experts to just 30 destinations. They are chosen for their objectivity, unique experiences, and “wow” factor. and its continued commitment to sustainability, community and diversity.