Miami Beach Firefighters Offer to Rescue Holiday Fundraiser

(Miami Beach, FL) December 2, 2022 -

When firefighters in Miami Beach learned that the largest fundraiser of the year at Key Biscayne Community Church might be canceled because the church’s order of 900 Christmas trees never arrived from New Jersey, first responders did what came naturally to them every day of the year. . general.

They raised the alarm and offered to save the church’s annual Christmas tree fundraiser with just over three weeks left before the Christmas holidays.

“We’ve offered to provide them with a number of trees, and they’ve asked for 80, at least initially,” explained Vice President Victor White of the Miami Beach Firefighters’ Charity. “We also decided to donate 30 more trees to help them recover.”

White, who is also chief of training for the Miami Beach Fire Department, said the trees were purchased by the Miami Beach Firefighters Charitable Association to raise money for the organization’s annual game drive. It will be sold at cost.

“We hope this will be a way for both groups to still be able to make an impact in their communities,” White said. “We are not going to give away all of our trees. We are going to keep a small amount that we are still looking to sell.”

The church will be sending trucks to start collecting the trees today, and Miami Beach firefighters will be on hand to help load them.