Millennials are taking a “responsible approach” to travel in 2023: Allianz survey

Seventy percent of Canadian millennials are packing their bags and taking a vacation this year, and more than half of millennials who travel say they’re “traveling for revenge” — unapologetically making up for lost travel time during the pandemic, according to a new survey it published. Allianz Global Assistance.

survey that he conducted Ipsosreports show that 89 percent of millennials who travel say they desperately need a vacation this year.

The study also revealed that millennials seem to be responsible travelers and plan proactively to obtain travel insurance before taking a trip.

Allianz says three-quarters of the generation think travel insurance coverage is more or just as important now than before the pandemic.

He said, “We know millennials love to explore and experience the world, so it’s no surprise that seven out of ten are planning a vacation this year.” Dan KeonVice President of Marketing and Insights for Allianz Global Assistance. “It is definitely reassuring to see that while millennials value travel experiences, they also value protecting themselves and their trips with travel insurance.” Although most Canadian millennials seem hungry for a vacation, 50 percent of travelers say they really can’t afford a vacation this year.

This indicates that they are the generation most determined to travel despite financial challenges, compared to Generation Z (36 percent), Generation X (42 percent), and Generation X (19 percent).

“Overall, 57 percent of Canadian travelers have scaled back their vacation plans this year due to inflation, and millennials are 64 percent more likely to do so,” Keon added. “So how do millennials fund their revenge trips? In our survey, 59 percent of millennials said they were able to spend money on travel thanks to their pandemic savings. When considered alongside their views on protecting travel, millennials definitely fit the profile.” Responsible Travel.

More trends among Canadian millennials, according to the survey, include:

  • Three-quarters of millennials feel that annual leave is important
  • Half of millennials usually escape the cold and take a winter vacation, but 55 percent are confident they’re taking a winter vacation this year
  • Sixty-two percent of millennial travelers plan to travel internationally, while 38 percent plan to travel domestically for their next vacation
  • Millennials are in adulthood and this stage of life is reflected in their vacation plans -
  • 71 percent are traveling on a trip with family or partner, while 15 percent are traveling with friends, 12 percent are traveling alone, and 2 percent are on a business trip.

the Confidence index survey for the winter break Conducted by Ipsos in November 2022, among a sample of 2,005 Canadians over the age of 18 — including 623 millennials.

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