New Budweiser holiday designs capture the nostalgia of the holiday season

While last year’s holiday cans may have gone to the dogs, Budweiser’s new holiday designs celebrate nostalgic holiday memories. From that classic beer enjoyed after a winter fun to a simple sip while snuggled by the fire, Budweiser and the holiday season are always a perfect pair.

As the holiday party countdown begins, many people have begun stocking their fridge with their favorite beverage. Although Bud Light may be the favorite Sunday football beer, the classic Budweiser may be the beer everyone can have. Whether it’s a dad who just picks a classic beer or an old college friend who wants to relive those youthful moments, having a cool bud nearby is always a good option.

For 2022, Budweiser’s new holiday designs return to one of the brand’s most beloved images, the Budweiser Cladesdales. While those majestic horses may often appear during big game ads, they provide a familiar feel whenever they appear. Even if people have never seen it in person, there is something welcoming, reassuring, or happy just by seeing that photo.

By combining traditional seasonal colors with Budweiser Cladesdales, the cans feel warm and welcoming. It makes people want to take it off the shelf, fridge, or cooler. Building on this feeling, classic necktie images bring that nostalgic feeling, not old, but familiar. Just like the holiday season makes people look back in love, these cans invite conversations about favorite memories and happy moments.

2022 Budweiser Holiday Designs

2022 Budweiser Holiday Designs, photo provided by Budweiser

How do Budweiser’s new holiday designs encourage people to toast the holidays?

During the holiday season, many people find time to gather with friends and family. In addition to the traditional holiday meal, there are opportunities to take a moment, find time, and enjoy getting away from the grind.

This year, Budweiser wants to help those people who help make those moments happen. While many people enjoy this PTO, others spend hours on it. From the chef who cooks the holiday meal at the restaurant to the Uber driver who takes people home, all of these people help make the holidays brighter.

Starting November 15, Budweiser posts on social media It will give people the opportunity to get $100 gift cards that they can enjoy a make-up meal with the family or enjoy a cold beer with friends. Just because the traditional moment of celebration may be put off doesn’t mean the importance of making time should be overlooked.

How to toast this holiday season? Will the new Budweiser holiday designs be a part of this celebration?