Nicole, Angelina are besties, is Meatball status next?


Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and Angelina Pivarnick are best friends, what are the odds?

The last two episodes of “Jersey Shore Family Vacation” showcased the bonding between Nicole and Angelina as the rooms receive San Diego locations and other missions.

This is a significant shift from what was the case a year ago.

On Thursday’s, September 1 episode, Angelina helped Nicole don her bunny suit, and the two enjoyed “pouring unauthorized wine” straight from the spout of a barrel at the Cordiano Winery in Escondido, California.

“When we open the spout, we grab it in our mouths like we’re past the cup,” Nicole said.

“Nicole and I have a mutual understanding about drinking, having a good time, and staying away from falls,” Angelina said.

The warmth in their relationship began on the August 25 episode when Angelina brought a bottle of wine to Nicole’s room to talk things through after a huge explosion in the room turned into a debate about which of the cast members gave enough of their lives for the cameras. .

The implication, regarding Nicole, is that she’s not as candid as the other rooms because she doesn’t want her family to be part of the show. Her husband, Jonny LaVale, did not appear in “Jersey Shore Family Vacation,” although all the other casting husbands and other significant people do. This is despite being a semi-regular on the original show “Jersey Shore” and other shows, including the previous show “Snooki and JWoww”.

“He has extreme anxiety and hates being in front of the camera. He has never liked it,” Nicole said on Twitter recently. “I’m hardly allowed to post pictures. It’s a mental health issue that I respect and I choose not to push on camera.”

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On August 25, Nicole seemed particularly defensive about Angelina’s “sharing” accusation against the cast.

“I didn’t like that comment about the engagement,” Nicole said. “I understand what you’re saying…we have all taken it sensitively.”

Nicole and Angelina, who were opening the bottle of wine, did not expand on this point.

“I didn’t mean to sound malicious,” Angelina said.

“I’d love to hear your tales,” said Nicole, changing the subject. “I’ll live for it, you’re single now.”

“So you’re kind of living like a hater?” Angelina asked.

“I live through you on my behalf,” Nicole said. “I just feel like we all want to have the relationship with you that we have with each other.”

This was not always the case. Nicole had previously suggested that Angelina’s fault was that she ran off the set at Point Pleasant Beach in 2019 and left the show for a season. When Nicole returned to the show, she was definitely not her best friend with Angelina. She tossed crab cakes at her on the August 19, 2023 episode.

Nicole, who blamed alcohol for the crab cake throw, said:

You have to watch those unauthorized wines being poured.

However, all rooms seem to be in line in San Diego, especially Nicole and Angelina.

However, we wouldn’t say that Angelina is a meatball just yet.

“I know she always says I’m her drinking partner or her meatloaf, whatever, but like that was actually so cute that she said it,” Angelina said. “Nicole is a very good friend of mine now. Wow, that’s cute.”

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