No major country has their top court going on long holidays. Neither should Supreme Court

Bebek Debreuil and Aditya Sinha

This is the third article in a spin-off series on legal reforms

in a previous article (Status and current situation26 August), we mentioned the 1958 Act on the Salaries and Conditions of Service for Supreme Court Justices. This talks about the leave a judge is entitled to and also mentions how the leave can be divided up with the holidays.

What is vacation? Reminds us of summer and winter vacations as students. Former CGI Ramana delivered Judge SB Sinha’s Memorial Lecture on “A Judge’s Life” in July 2022. His words struck a chord in all those who work hard. “Sometimes, we miss important family occasions. Sometimes, I wonder if my grandchildren will ever recognize me after they failed to see them for several days together.”

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