Patrick Mahomes’ Wife Has 3-Word Message For Bengals After Game -

Patrick Mahomes’ wife Brittany wants all the smoke.

Brittany, who has never been afraid to speak her mind on social media, just posted a message for the Bengals.

Hint: he’s not very friendly.

She said “Cancun V3” Twitter.

“Cancun 3” has become a catchphrase in the sports world. It’s aimed at teams and players who are losing in the playoffs and now, as a result, have plenty of time off.

So Brittany basically tells the Bengals to enjoy the vacation while the Chiefs continue to prepare for the Super Bowl. That’s cool, Brittany, but well done on the game.

Patrick Mahomes and company earned their trip to Arizona with a hard-fought win over the Bengals in the AFC Championship Game.

The Chiefs-Eagles will be playing in Arizona for the Super Bowl in two weeks.