People are only just realizing there’s an Android setting that could save you on vacation

The internet has discovered the smartest hack for Android users.

A single dial on the smartphone provided travelers with easy memorization.

This Android feature can save your trips to unknown destinations


This Android feature can save your trips to unknown destinationsCredit: Getty


Your phone’s camera has a translation tool for more than 25 languagesCredit: Getty

Next time you’re in a place that’s linguistically unfamiliar, said, you can use your Android camera to translate foreign text in real time.

Google Translate can decode more than 25 languages ​​just by hovering the lens over the text.

To use this feature, make sure you have Google Translate installed on your device.

If it is not in the collection of pre-loaded apps on your phone, you can find it in the Google Play Store and hit install.

People only realize Android setting is missing for instant protection

Inside the app, there will be a language selection tool on the top left.

On the other hand, the top-right corner is where you select the language in which you want to see banners.

Please note that some Android models put these language selection bars at the bottom of the screen instead.

Tap the camera icon, and point the lens directly at the sign you wish to translate.

The decoding of your mark in the desired language should appear on the screen over the original text.

Within the camera tool, taking a picture of the tag you wish to translate will preserve the original text as well as allow you to choose from a list of languages ​​to translate from and to.