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PERRY TOWNSHIP — On Monday, borough trustees approved bonuses, bonuses and vacation payments for officers amid ongoing recruitment efforts.

The pay increase, signing bonuses, and retention bonuses discussed at the previous board meeting have been approved, and new full-time employees will see a $23 hourly rate. New part-time officers will receive $20.50. New full-time officers will also be eligible to receive a $2,000 signing bonus, with the first $1,000 disbursed after six months of service and the remaining $1,000 after a year of service.

Current full-time officers in the department will also receive a pay raise as Chief of Police Richard Kimble receives an hourly rate of $29.50, Detective John Straney receives $25.50 and Patrolman Zach Sanford receives $23.

The pay increases will be applied backdated to December 10 and will represent an increase of $29,239 in the annual police budget. Board of Trustees Chairman Steve Bailey has previously indicated that the cost of the price increase could be paid for through American Rescue Plan funds for about two years before an alternative source of financing would be needed to address the cost.

The trustees also approved a motion to pay Straney, Stanford, and Kimble for their unused vacation hours and pay unused hours with an option of a 20-hour extension for 2023. The trustees noted that while the borough normally does not issue payments of this nature, they did receive a letter from Kimble They are asking for compensation payments because they were unable to take their vacation due to ongoing staffing problems.

Other legislation included the approval of: a proposal to pay part-time officer Doug Osberg a $750 bonus to work in the department for six months as part of a previously approved officer placement initiative; and proposal to approve Fire Department call salary of $4,380.16 from June 1, 2023 through November 30, 2022.

In his report, Perry Township zoning officer Jeffrey Christopher said two of the major zoning problems in the township this year were the result of real estate brokers giving buyers incorrect information about zoning within the borough. Christopher said he would reach out to the major real estate companies in the area to arrange meetings with them to inform them of the borough’s zoning areas and policies in hopes of minimizing future issues.

Christopher also wished to remind residents that the borough is wholly zoned, and that building and work permits are required within the borough limits. Anyone with any questions regarding zoning policies within the borough or planning any new construction should contact Christopher at 330-277-7279.

The next Board of Trustees meets at 4 p.m. December 27.

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