Reliant Destinations Delivers Record Number of Vacation Experiences in Partnership with Sandals & Beaches Resorts

The luxury travel and concierge service company has been recognized with Royal Club Diamond Elite status from the Chairman of the Board

dallasAnd the November 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Reliant Destination, a travel advisory firm under the founder and CEO Addison Gainesscooping up numerous industry accolades, including the Royal Club’s enviable Chairman’s Elite Diamond status Sandals, beaches and resorts.

Medal awarded to Approved destinations In the fall of 2022, it was originally created by Sandals & Beaches founder, the esteemed Gordon Butch Stewart. Chairman’s Royal Club is made up of top travel professionals from around the world. In 2022, 1st Diamond Elite status has been achieved by fewer than 5 individuals out of over 85,000 travel advisors reported within United State.

Chairmen’s Royal Club candidates sell a minimum of $2,000,000 of travel during a calendar year. Jaynes and his team continually exceed this standard, in part through innovative posts like Mr. TravelLux - A thriving YouTube channel designed to showcase the range of vacation opportunities offered by Sandals & Beaches. The channel has been such a marketing success that its viewership accounts for more than half of Reliant Destinations’ total customers.

Mr. TravelLux is designed to give potential travelers a complete overview of Sandals properties and beaches along with clear guidance on how to plan their vacation. Viewers experience suite tours, guided tours of the resort, discussions about the arrangement, and a host of creative videos that provide the kind of insider insight that allows them to fully imagine the possibilities of their trip—and then make the most of their vacation package. To date, viewers have enjoyed watching over 4,000,000 minutes of Mr TravelLux content.

As an incentive for their clients, Reliant Destinations guests receive full concierge services throughout every stage of their Sandals and Beach vacations at no additional cost. Because vacationers have access to the extensive knowledge base and resources of trusted destinations, they enjoy a fully enhanced, personalized and curated experience in addition to the usual benefits of booking online. These benefits extend to exclusive in-house manuals and an information center for each customer.

In 2022, Jaynes represented Trusted Destinations, Sandals and Beach Resorts at both the WAVE Awards and TRAVVY Awards - two of the travel industry’s most prestigious and competitive events, for which Sandals took home Gold and Silver awards from the highest categories.

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Reliable destinations, headquartered in dallasis a leading travel concierge services company, operating exclusively as a digital agency and planning to expand in 2023. in serving its client base and creating content for Mr. TraveLux, CEO Addison Gaines He brings his own experience as a lifelong world traveler. After living all over the world and traversing 138 countries, Jaynes developed a unique fondness for Heaven. As a result, Reliant Destinations is working towards becoming the largest global seller of Caribbeanoffering the leave of a lifetime.

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