Sam Champion’s co-host shares touching message as GMA star takes time away from show

The SAM Champion co-star shared a touching message amid the GMA star’s absence from the morning show.

The famous meteorologist shared a selfie of himself drinking his morning coffee while in Brazil.

The GMA Sam Champion star is currently on vacation


The GMA Sam Champion star is currently on vacationCredit: Getty
The weatherman posted a photo of himself drinking his morning coffee


The weatherman posted a photo of himself drinking his morning coffeeCredit: Instagram

“Small cups just mean more refills,” the champ joked.

He then told his fans that it was going to be a busy day learning how to use the stove and washer and dryer while on vacation.

Dozens of fans rushed to comment on Champion’s post regarding his vacation.

Fellow ABC7 host Heather O’Rourke said it was as if the weatherman had a good holiday.

GMA's Sam Champion looks unrecognizable in the throwback shot
GMA's Robin Roberts throws shade at Sam Champion in an on-air live moment

She told Champion she was “missing him” in a touching post.

Viewers tell the GMA Champion to enjoy his time in the sun when he’s away from the TV screen.

But, others said they couldn’t wait for him to return to the morning show.

One said, “GM Sam misses your smile and laughter in the morning!!!”

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Another chimed in: “I miss seeing you.”

A third commented: “I miss your smile in the morning.”

Fans took the opportunity to test out the hero in the comments section of the post.

A viewer asked if a meteorologist would consider appearing on a local news outlet, to cover the weather.

And the hero replies: “Work is on vacation!?!?! It is impossible.”

The weather man in Brazil celebrates his tenth birthdayy Anniversary of marriage with her husband, Robm Robbierbe.

Last week, Champion left a red face as he completely forgot he was on air during a chat with co-star Gio Benitez.

Champion was discussing Ryan Seacrest’s appearance on the ABC morning show before dropping the traditional New Year’s Eve ball in Times Square.

He said to Geo: “Sometimes [Seacrest] People take a live shot up the back stairs to where the ball is actually lifted.

“Are you going up there with him because it’s the coolest thing ever.”

Looking bemused, Benítez replied, “Ehr, I don’t think I am… But we’ll have all the flashy stuff here in the studio.”

But Champion continued: “Well, ask him, since we have time this week, ask him if he’ll let us live up that staircase under the ball.

“Because they lifted it over Times Square before they dropped it. It’s the coolest live shot ever. And Ryan’s got the keys to get back there.”

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Champion later admitted he had forgotten he was doing a “news show”.

The US Sun reported how Champion shocked fans by sharing a throwback snap from the ’90s over the holidays.