Sarmad says, Kashmir being promoted as wedding destination: But nothing for Revised MP of Patnitop Area ?

Sarmad says, Kashmir is being promoted as a wedding destination: but nothing for the MPP in Patnitop district?

SRINAGAR, Sep 27: Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Minister Sarmad Hafeez, who can be seen every day in the media with a different statement and today said that Kashmir is being promoted as a wedding destination apart from the routine promotions.

Hafeez said a Canadian couple recently visited Pahalgam for a wedding. Apart from adventure tourism and other tourism activities, we try to promote Kashmir as a wedding destination as it has a lot of potential and people are also keen to have weddings here.

He added that about 70 untapped destinations have already been identified and are being promoted.

He added that we are also trying to promote corporate tourism here, and the department is trying to focus on tourism at the grassroots level and provide people who come here with a complete tourism experience.

But the big question on the other side is why would management kill the development of Patnitop area, which is also a top tourist destination by sleeping over its master plan revision, otherwise it was notified more than 20 years ago?

It is worth noting here that the Development Act 1970 clearly talks about reviewing the master plan after every 5 years by framing district plans to get more details about land use but the Patnitop Development Authority master plan is more than 22 years old from its notification and implementation of that old scheme The main one at this time is illegal under the rules, is there a serious matter to consider but who will be the question again?