Search and rescue crews respond to several calls over holiday weekend

Salt Lake City — Search and rescue teams from Salt Lake and Utah counties have had a busy Labor Day weekend with more than a dozen rescue efforts since Friday.

Eight of those were in Utah County, and Salt Lake City Consolidated Police confirmed there were four assignments on Monday.

In all, at least two people were killed.

Saturday night at American Fork Canyon, Sgt. Spencer Cannon of the Utah County Sheriff’s Office says 45-year-old Thomas Roe died after suffering some type of fall. He was walking alone.

One dead after fall in American Fork Canyon

On Monday, in the mountains east of Salt Lake City, crews said a 22-year-old man fell into the Neve Canyon. did not survive.

Man dies after 30-foot fall in Nevs Canyon

Near Lake Catherine, uniformed police say a 60-year-old man fell 60 feet and sustained head injuries. At the last report, he was still alive.

“I actually watched it,” Tyler Brown said. “I was on Catherine’s Pass when the helicopter came and landed near the lake.”

The crew expected a busy weekend, and with the temperatures soaring in the valleys, many people headed to the valley areas to beat the heat.

Uniform Police expects to have a full count of requests for assistance on Tuesday.