See Photos of Princess Diana on Mohamed Al Fayed’s Yacht in Saint Tropez in July 1997

Diana, Princess of Wales yacht St Tropez

Michel DufourGetty Images

Fifth season of the crown It ends with Princess Diana packing up for the vacation, after Mohamed Al-Fayed, his wife Heni Wathen Fayed, and her sons invite her on their yacht in Saint-Tropez. In real life, Diana, Prince William, and Prince Harry actually joined Al-Fayed on their yacht, then named it Jonikal. In August 1997, Diana also joined Dodi Al-Fayed on the yacht again, without her children, but these photos are all of Princess Diana with her sons and Fayed on the yacht. jonikal In July 1997.

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Princess Diana on board the yacht Junicale, where she first got to know Dodi better.

Princess Diana was friendly with Mohamed Al-Fayed, who had been in royal inner circles for some time due to his ownership of Harrods.

Diana brought her sons, Prince William (head down, center) and Prince Harry (right), on vacation with her.

At the time, Diana had recently separated from British-Pakistani cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Hasnat Khan, who could not handle the media attention surrounding their relationship. Her friends later shared that they believed her affinity for Dodi was to make Hasnat jealous.

The photo captured Diana with her bodyguard, Trevor Rees, who would later be the sole survivor of the crash that killed Princess Diana and Dodi.

Princess Diana waved to Trevor on the beach in Saint-Tropez.

The princess seemed happy to spend time with her sons.

Paparazzi captured Diana giving her youngest, Prince Harry, a big hug.

Diana, the all-time style icon, had some adorable swimsuit moments this holiday, including this neon ensemble.

She also rocked a leopard print bodysuit.

Princess Diana began to navigate her not-quite-royal, but certainly not normal, life after her 1995 divorce from Prince Charles.

At the time, Dodi was reportedly dating American model Kelly Fisher - she said she was actually on the yacht in Saint-Tropez with Al-Fayed and Princess Diana.

Princess Diana made sure that the holiday was fun for her children; Here, she rode a jet ski with Prince Harry.

Donning life jackets, the royal mother-son duo paddled through the water together.

Princess Diana smiled as she took a dip in the sea off the coast of France.

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