Somerset: Pensioners rescued from dual carriageway after holiday takes a turn

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The roving group was rescued from the side of the A36 near Bath (Photo: SWNS)

Nine retirees got stuck in a double carriageway in the country with cars passing by after a misunderstanding with their driver.

Sally Morgan and her roving group had set off on what was supposed to be a blissful voyage in Bath, Somerset.

Armed with a heavy backpack and their walking poles, they were supposed to get off their bus downtown.

Instead, they were lowered onto the side of the busy A36, with no one to turn to for help.

The road had no sidewalk, and the group had to walk dangerously close to traffic.

Fortunately, they stumble upon a house and are rescued and brought back to the hotel by a man known as “Mr. Bailey”, whom they later describe as a “saint”.

Some members of the roaming group

Some members of the roving group (Photo: Pam Morgan/SWNS)

Some members of the roaming group

The group is now very grateful to their savior (Photo: Pam Morgan/SWNS)

Sally and the rest of the women in the group were “very worried because it’s a highway”.

“We were so relieved that Mr. Bailey was there to help us,” said the 69-year-old.

When our friends came in their car to fetch us, they took three of us and Mr. Bailey took four of us, and it was so kind of him, then our friends came back to me and another one of us.

By the time we were picked up, Mr. Bailey’s wife came home and told her he had been helping the girls in distress and said he wished. He was a very nice man.

Some members of the roaming group

The group often goes on mobile vacations together (Photo: Pam Morgan/SWNS)

Pam Morgan, who organized the trip, said the idea of ​​nine retirees stuck on the side of the road was “quite scary”.

The 77-year-old added: “Mr. Bailey was very kind, he was lucky enough to be in the house because this road is known to be really fast and not very wide because it has no sidewalks.

Pedestrians cornered themselves as traffic passed them.

We want to thank Mr. Bailey for saving the girls in distress and he was really a saint because I don’t know what was going to happen because there was no way or anything they could go down so they could see.

“They were very scared on the side of the road and it looked like a highway.”

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