Southern Comfort drops new line of ‘drinking pants’ for holiday season

(Grey News) — Southern Comfort, a brand best known for making whiskey, is venturing into the fashion world with a new product: the pants!

The whiskey company launches what it calls “drinking pants” before homecoming on Thanksgiving Eve nationwide.

According to a press release, the pants are a unique line of unisex pants designed specifically to make the most of the festive season vibe.

Sarah Saunders, vice president of global marketing at Southern Comfort, said the company conducted detailed market research that led them to an important finding.

She said, “Today’s pants are missing some crucial elements that would improve life everywhere, the most important of which is the polished glass pocket.”

Drinking Pants have a number of different features to help with holiday celebrations.(South Comfort)

The company said it has added a glass pocket perfectly sized so that wearers can easily enjoy them wherever they go, along with a reversible “luxury pants” option for those who don’t mind wearing the same pants for two days in a row.

According to the company, the reverse side is best suited to wear at formal gatherings, such as Thanksgiving dinner with the family.

The pants will also have a fully adjustable waistband to accommodate the Thanksgiving festivities.

The pants are expected to be available for purchase from November 14 at 8AM ET to November 21 or as long as supplies last. They’ll cost $11.23 to celebrate Thanksgiving 2022, according to Southern Comfort.

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