Students Try to Keep Summer Vacation Going Amidst Class Time

The university is back! It’s the second week of the semester And things are in full swing with classes, assignments and campus events. It seemed that the only thing that did not go well were the students. A sunny end of summer on campus helps keep students warm and happy, as they stay with us longer before the cold subsides. But it seems to have one flaw. Lots of students are still stuck in the summer mentality And they’re trying to keep the summer vacation going even as the lessons go on. Regularly you see students drinking lemonade, eating ice cream, cooking outside and playing outdoor games all over the campus.

Many students were able to participate in those fun summer activities, like taking picnics or playing Spekeball on the quads with friends, balancing their time between having fun and doing work in class. But more daring students may choose to postpone their homework and projects in exchange for more time to relax and soak up the sun. While procrastination is never the smart choice, many students find it worth it when it means they can go shopping downtown or drive in their cars, windows roll down and music blaring while sightseeing in Louisbourg.

And for students who find that putting off homework isn’t enough to regain a sense of freedom, there are ways to go even further. On-campus participants enjoy a pool party and superstars on the beach all over the campus on weekends. They enjoy tropical decorations and drinks, playlists of summer’s biggest hits and sprinkler systems set up to help beat the heat. Some students are so despondent that they actually start planning weekend trips to the nearest beaches, or as far as depending on how good the beach they want to visit, just to get a real feel of being on a sunny coast during the summer. Those who are unable to travel far rely on the campus’s proximity to the Susquehanna River to take a dip in the water and relax. Despite warnings against doing so, it doesn’t seem to stop those determined few who don’t care about the risks or disrupt the crew’s practices.

We’re all mourning the end of summer, especially as we head into term, but the ingenuity of the students on campus and their determination to keep the summer vibe is certainly refreshing.

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