Study Reveals 2 In 3 Americans Can’t Actually Enjoy Vacation Due To Pressure

According to the study, most American travelers (about 62%) said they were worried about wasting their vacation time in tourist traps. They were also worried that they didn’t get the best out of the destination during their visit.

Other key aspects that contribute to unhappiness are not having enough money during the trip (30%), making sure their credit cards work locally or overseas (29%) as well as feeling that they won’t be able to do or see everything are planning it. (29%). Even with stress, most Americans report that travel helps their mental health (73%) and helps them recover from fatigue (37%).

It seems that most travelers were open to the idea slow travel As a treatment for vacation stress. According to the study, 2 in 5 said they are “very interested” in slow travel. The attraction of moving at a slower pace and getting to know the city and Neighborhood With more time it seems to be rooted in the hub away from the stress of vacation.

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