Summer season is over but Bear Lake is still a nice destination in the fall – Cache Valley Daily

Garden City Mayor Mike Leonhart speaks with host Jason Williams on KVNU’s For the People 6/9/2023

Garden City - Bear Lake - The Garden City area is undergoing change due to its growing status as a leisure destination and seasonal homes.

On KVNU’s For the People on Tuesday, Garden City Mayor Mike Leonhardt said businesses there are experiencing the same problems we observe elsewhere, a shortage of workers and a lack of affordable housing for these workers.

But he understands why people are drawn to the area.

“It’s a nice place, you know, you can go down from the top of the hill and just Look at that big blue lake, and you’ll think “what a special place for you.” So does everyone else, everyone has come and (they say) “This is a great place to be.” “We grow like crazy and a lot of people go up and they enjoy it,” Leonhardt explained.

He said local businesses have about 60 days each year to make a living. Leonard said the summer season generally begins around Father’s Day weekend in June and goes into Labor Day. But he said it is generally still warm during September and October and the lake is still beautiful.

Upcoming events include 1Street The annual Caribbean Motorcycle Rally is in the middle of this month. He said it’s not a huge event like one in Sturgis, South Dakota every year but it should be a lot of fun.

“A lot of motorcyclists are riding the fall colors, and they will hit Logan Canyon and some of those beautiful canyons. There are only two bike rallies (and) this will be the second in Utah, the first one in Panguitch, Utah. So, we’ll be starting one at Bear Lake and Garden City, and so on September 16thThe tenth and 17The tenth It will be the annual start of this cycling rally.”

Leonhardt said they work a lot with the Convention and Visitors Bureau and Bear Lake Chamber of Commerce and do a lot of these events like Winterfest in January that include the opportunity to hop in the lake. You can get more information at