The 10 Most Beautiful Towns In The US As Of 2022

The United States is certainly full of attractive, scenic and attractive small towns. In fact, there are more than a few places - stunning scenery, rich history, incredible attractions and abundant tourist activities. However, these places are often overlooked by travelers because they want to experience all the glamor and charm of the big cities nearby.

But, at some point, everyone needs a comfortable and beautiful break away from the hustle and bustle of city life. To help, here are the ten most beautiful cities in the US as of 2022 that are sure to make your charming little vacation one for the books.

10/10 Cordova, Alaska

Another seaside paradise and city waiting for travelers is Cordova, Alaska. A truly stunning place located between Lake Eyak and Hawkins Island, this city has some of the best in its stunning and untamed landscape.

From snow-capped mountain peaks and larger-than-life icebergs to vast vistas collaborating with wildlife, Cordova is the perfect place for anyone who wants to feel like they’ve stepped onto a beautiful landscape painting.

Unsurprisingly, there is also a wealth of outdoor activities for visitors to enjoy, historical museums, as well as first-class residences and resorts.

9/10 Sedona, Arizona

A trip to the desert oasis known as Sedona, AZ might not be the first thing that comes to mind when planning an alluring small-town vacation, but it certainly should be.

Besides charming must-see red rock formations, spiritual healing whirlpools, and a Western-style downtown, this lovely little place also has more than a few spas.

Visitors to Sedona can also enjoy Native American cultural sites, acres of woodland, wineries, and first-class restaurants.

So if you’re looking for desert beauty galore, starry nights, lavish spa treatments, poolside relaxation, and more, Sedona is your town.

8/10 Canon Beach, Oregon

North of Portland, OR, Cannon Beach is a beautiful coastal town with great ocean views, sandy beaches, and more. One of the leading local attractions here is Haystack Rock, a towering 235-foot monolith that juts out of the water.

Here visitors can relax on the seaside for a while. After some fun in the sun, guests can enjoy a leisurely stroll through this beach town filled with microbreweries, art galleries, chocolate shops, and fine dining venues.

There is also a wealth of vacation rentals and a few B&Bs in this beautiful city.

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7/10 Haliwa, Hawaii

Almost anywhere travelers visit in Hawaii is simply amazing. But Haleiwa, Hawaii, is next-level beautiful. Referred to as the most beautiful city on Oahu, this area of ​​Hawaiian paradise has pristine beaches, nature parks, crashing waves, island vibes, and a truly serene landscape.

Visitors can enjoy oceanside stays, old town strolls, world-class surfing, tours of the Waimea Valley, sacred legends, art galleries, views from the Rainbow Bridge, and more.

This is a great place to visit and may become a frequent getaway to you by the end of this trip.

6/10 McCloud, California

A lesser known city in California, McCloud boasts gorgeous waterfalls and lush landscaped gardens, as well as stunning views for miles and miles. This is an excellent choice for nature lovers, outdoor folk and avid hikers/explorers.

Here visitors can spend days immersed in the natural beauty of this place. This former logging town certainly played to its strengths as it embraced its dense surrounding landscape.

With Lake Shasta, Lake Shasta Cavern, stunning mountain peaks, and outdoor recreation, you may just forget to explore the actual city when you visit.

5/10 Port Townsend, Washington

Port Townsend, Washington also tops the list of the most beautiful American cities. With its rich nautical history, classic Victorian vibe, and refreshing modern sophistication in it all, this small Washington town sure knows how to draw visitors in.

A multi-generational place, visitors can enjoy everything from sailing and kayaking to oceanfront picnicking and camping. Plus, the downtown area is as charming as a witch can get.

Port Townsend features varied cuisine, historic landmarks, and some beautifully preserved seaside hotels.

4/10 Chattoqua, New York

Chautauqua, New York, is another great little town that’s totally easy to see. Adorned with historic mansions, a sparkling lake and a more upbeat downtown district, this is the perfect escape for lovers of history, wine, and a lakeside resort.

In addition to all the outdoor entertainment, an abundance of wineries, and gorgeous turn-of-the-century architecture, visitors can spend their evenings enjoying a performance of the Chautauqua Symphony Orchestra.

This idyllic city also has more than a few pristine natural areas that you can easily explore with a hike or a mountain adventure.

3/10 Woodstock, Vermont

With its wooded land, endless miles of foliage, and easy access to green mountains, Woodstock, Vermont, has always been a great place. Visitors come here to enjoy the scenic views but are more likely to stay for delicious cheese - like, who doesn’t think cheese is a beautiful thing?

Of course, there is more to Woodstock than just cheese.

This popular American city has a beautiful downtown area, antique shops galore, picturesque historic B&Bs, cute covered bridges, seasonal festivities like the Classic Woodstock Vermont Christmas extravaganza, and more.

2/10 Telluride, Colorado

Telluride, Colorado, is just the most amazing mountain town on this year’s list. At first glance, this little winter wonderland of the town looks like one of the fancy Christmas cards Grandma used to send.

But beyond a welcome dose of nostalgia, Telluride is simply an excellent choice for cold weather activities. Despite this, in the warmer months, this city becomes very lively with the abundance of bluegrass and film festivals, as well as the sweet smell of wildflowers in the air.

Of course, no matter the season, Telluride is a beautiful place with its vibrant downtown area, art galleries, mountain resorts, delicious cuisine, and an all-around welcoming atmosphere.

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1/10 Camden, Maine

It was forever captured as the seemingly perfect city in the classic 1957 movie Peyton PlaceCamden, Maine, absolutely amazing. This small coastal town in New England is the place to be if you want to enjoy amazing mountain and sea views as far as the eye can see.

With beautiful boutique hotels, a lively harbor, and an impressive downtown area, as well as first-class dining and entertainment, you’ll likely have a hard time leaving this place when you check out.

All in all, Camden is truly a dazzling American gem in an ideal “where the mountains meet the sea” location that truly has something special for everyone.