The Premier League, the most likely destination for Joao Félix

Athletic Madrid are already preparing to return to LaLiga. On Friday, the colchonero returned to training with work to recover from the headlines of the last gig and with Joao Félix fully recovered from the vasculitis that kept him from playing in the Glass of Rey, an annoyance that has kept him further up the capital’s exit ramp.

The Madrilenian know the player is all set to say the club is in 2023, and if it can be in the winter now, so much the better. In fact, two members of the Premier League’s ‘Big Six’ have already knocked on his door. Added to this interest was Gil Marin, who had already explained that “reasonable is to think that it comes out, although he would love me to follow it, but that is not the player’s idea”, seeing that the luso would give up próximamente the Spanish capital.

Despite being the club’s most ambitious economic and sporting bet, his relationship with Simeone seems irreconcilable. In front of this, Arsenal and Manchester United are the two main interested by the Portuguese, until those who will try to integrate them in January with the quality of return, as the “Daily Record” tells us. Atleti will have to accept his exit when his new club bears the cost of his index card, which is at least €18m depending on the season.

change in its market

The Glass of the World allowed Joao Félix to hit the table hard, because he put in a great level on the best possible stage. The more critics praise his performance as Colchonero, the more fingers are now able to take his international version to club level and can solve it once and for all with Simeone, Although it seems almost impossible.

Already with Mateusz Cunha’s path to the prime minister, at around €50m set to take effect in the summer, Joao’s exit seemed half-hearted although if there is a lot of interest in the prime minister it doesn’t seem so simple. The club, like the player, refuses this opportunity. Both clubs need a player in their personal page and play alongside that European League, which he did not reach at Athletic even after finishing last in their group of champions.