The Top Winter Destinations For Canadians Were Ranked & The #1 Spot Will Surprise You

Canada’s winter weather forecast calls for some icy temperatures this year, so you might be tempted to book a vacation in the south to escape the cold. Well, after Canada’s decision to scrap international travel restrictions, you can now unleash your indoor snowbird more easily, and these are some of the best destinations to head to.

VRBO has released its first-ever list of the best winter sun rides Canadians can travel to during the winter months, and 10 hot spots have been cut south of the border. While you might think sunny locations like the Bahamas, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, or other gorgeous Caribbean islands would top the list, the United States takes the cake with eight out of 10 destinations.

VRBO’s listing consists of “occasional” vacation homes in each area and takes into account “excellent amenities, ample space, and outstanding reviews” to craft its listing. So, who made the top three?

Well, Canadians will want to visit Akumal, Mexico, located in the stunning Mayan Riviera. VRBO recommends staying in this modern home, which includes “a rooftop sun deck, hand-painted murals, and an enclosed tropical yard with plunge pool, spa, and alfresco dining.” Pretty luxurious, isn’t it?

Destin, Florida, came second on the list. With gorgeous views of the Gulf Coast and gorgeous emerald beaches, it’s no surprise that the Destiny West neighborhood is a great place for Canadians.

Next on the list is Galveston, Texas. Mhm, Texas! Located in the heart of Beachside Village, VRBO proposes this airy coastal area that is full of character and comfort with easy access to the beach.

The sunny spots don’t end there. Here is the full list of destinations Canadians flock to when these temporary employees get too cold to handle:

  1. Akumal, Mexico
  2. Destin, Florida
  3. Galveston, Texas
  4. Guanacaste, Costa Rica
  5. Maui, Hawaii
  6. Palm Springs, California
  7. Phoenix, Arizona
  8. Santa Rosa Beach, Florida
  9. Scottsdale, Arizona
  10. South Padre Island, Texas

Safe trips!

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