These 3 Retailers Are Already Having Big Holiday Sales

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You might want to do some early shopping this year.

the main points

  • Many retailers are sitting on surplus stock this year.
  • This prompted stores like Amazon and Walmart to run promotions well before the holiday season.

There’s a reason many consumers start holiday shopping on Black Friday and make the bulk of their purchases between then and late December. The holiday season is the time when retailers tend to offer the most attractive discounts on everything from toys to clothing to electronics to home décor.

And this year, the discounts may be even steeper than usual. According to data from the US Census Bureau, US retailers had $732 billion in inventory as of July. This is a 21% increase over last year.

Let’s remember that in the past year, supply chains have taken a hit in the context of the pandemic, which has made it difficult for retailers to stock their shelves properly. This year, retailers appear to be facing the opposite problem — and they’re taking steps to compensate by running big promotions ahead of the holiday season. Here are three of the top paying retailers to shop from Before Black Friday.

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1. Amazon

On October 11 and 12, Amazon organized a second Prime Day event that really got consumers excited. But that doesn’t mean the deals expired until late November. Amazon routinely discounts items before Black Friday and the holiday season, so there’s no reason not to expect great deals in the coming weeks.

2. Objective

Target ran a promo for deal days from October 6-8. But if you visit the retail giant’s website, you’ll still see many Black Friday deals being announced right now. Given how popular Target is for its competitive pricing, it pays to know what items they offer.

3. Wal-Mart

Walmart recently announced plans to offer plenty of holiday discounts starting in early November. Those who do a lot of gift shopping at Walmart won’t have to wait until Black Friday to get discounts, nor will they have to dump them with fellow shoppers trying to beat the shoppers.

Why is it worth shopping before the holidays

Doing holiday shopping in October and November can take away a lot of stress, while helping you take advantage of the many great promotions that are coming soon. In fact, you may find retailers eager to unload inventory in the coming weeks because they fear that anything they don’t sell before and during the holidays will end up in the laundry.

Once the holiday season is over, consumers may begin to reduce their spending significantly to deal with high credit card borrowing rates and recession fears. So retailers may be more excited to offer notable discounts. This is something you can take advantage of.

On top of that, it’s actually a big myth that the best holiday deals don’t release until Black Friday. If you do your research, you may find it cheaper to shop during the weeks leading up to Black Friday, which is all the more reason to act now.

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