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“Bad life matters”

4 September 2023

Lombardi Linyi talks about the off-season diet.

The media-driven rave about Leonard Fournette’s weight in June got a whole new level of clarification from Playoff Lenny himself.

The absurdity escalated to the extreme when a local reporter claimed that Play of Lenny swelled up into a “bun shy of 260” upon his arrival at small camp Tampa Bay in June.

The #1 man pigeon who ran deep in the back about it during his recent visit to Barstool Sports Busin with the boys. There, Fortnite claimed his peak weight in camp was “251” and it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary as he transitions from vacation to lay-up to seasonal training.

Fortnite said March is his heaviest month, and his typical banquet party includes 6 a.m. to Waffle House after a night of playing until 5 a.m.

In the scenario, Fournette said he advises his personal chef to eat breakfast and “come back for lunch.”

Playoff Lenny went on to explain that comfort food is part of his New Orleans culture and that’s just part of his world when he’s on vacation.

With a big smile, Playoff Lenny declared that “a dense life is important” and added that he was proud of being a big wild man who liked to eat. Fortnite added that when it comes time to work out and get fit, he’s as serious as anyone else not Tom Brady.

For those wondering, Fortnite said his favorite fast-food breakfast is Chik-fil-A. Joe thinks of three-piece chicken, egg, and cheese biscuits with double hash browns.