This Lesser Known Mediterranean Destination Is Rising In Popularity For 2023

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With its year-round warm weather, huge array of attractions, paradisiacal beaches, and rich culture, it shouldn’t come as a surprise. Tunisia’s popularity is growing Significantly In the post-pandemic landscape. In fact, recent data shows that it is officially one of the most sought-after Mediterranean destinations for 2023.

This lesser-known Mediterranean destination is growing in popularity in 2023

Often overlooked in a region where Italy, Spain, France and the like are some of the most obvious choices, Tunisia has seen An unprecedented increase in flight bookings Heading towards the new year. Amidst the ongoing financial turmoil, which has greatly limited purchasing power, travelers are clearly looking for an alternative to pricier Southern Europe.

It is fortunate for them that Tunisia is not the only one Cheaper to visitBut it’s gorgeous, and just as steeped in history as the basin’s other famous sunny spots:

Tunisia is experiencing record growth and we can easily see why

Traditional white houses and open-air restaurants with blue shutters in the private old Sidi Bou Said, in Tunisia, on the Mediterranean coast of North Africa.

Despite being associated almost exclusively with the European continent, the Mediterranean Sea meets the borders of many other West Asian and North African countries, including Israel, Turkey (Turkey), and even Syria. It is located just 61 miles south of the Italian island of Lampedusa. Tunisia is also part of this world.

EasyJet, a UK-based airline offering low-cost flights to Europe and beyond, also revealed Demand for travel to Tunisia has risen more than any other country on their map since 2019. While official statistics were not disclosed, the airline confirmed that Tunisia overtook all major Mediterranean hubs for first place.

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Panorama of Hammamet beach in the Mediterranean coast of Tunisia, North Africa

In general, the Mediterranean coast of North Africa is ahead of Europe and Western Asia. Holiday packages in Tunisia are the best selling product on easyJet since the launch of the Big Orange Sale, with Up to 20% off some tracksClosely followed by holiday offers to neighboring countries such as Egypt and Morocco.

In addition to the EasyJet report, the Tunisian National Tourist Office (ONTT) confirmed that more than 6.1 million foreigners had arrived in the country by December 20, 2022, compared to 2.3 million tourists in 2021. This translates to 159% increase over the previous year’s figuresand a recovery rate higher than that of countless competitors in the Mediterranean region.

Exterior view of ancient city walls lined with palm trees in Sfax, Tunisia, North Africa

More and more Americans are becoming aware of the Tunisian tourist offer

Europeans still make up a majority among visitors, but recently, Americans have become more aware of Tunisia and its hidden wonders, especially after it abolished all travel requirements, returning life to normal after nearly three years of strict social restrictions and US passport holders are welcome regardless of vaccination status.

The fact that Tunisia is now one of 142 countries travelers can enter without restrictions will boost trans-Atlantic tourism, and help ignite interest in this lesser-known destination, which has the potential to become America’s latest getaway to the Mediterranean. Incredible weatherCrowd-free beaches, cheap prices and an amazing history: it ticks all the boxes.

In case you didn’t already know, the cost of living in Tunisia is significantly reduced According to American standards. On average, expect to pay around $15.49 for meals in mid-range restaurants, $1.24 for local beer, and only $0.31 per kilometer for taxis, not to mention the all-inclusive hotels with sea view room rates. As low as $557 per week (For two adults).

The skyline of the city of Medina in Tunisia, dominated by the historic Kasbah fortress and traditional North African houses

Whether you want to take cultural excursions, or just the perfect beach break, Tunisia has a sandy coastline and crystal clear waters, as well as beautiful old towns, Roman amphitheaters, medieval castles, and ancient complexes dating back two years. Thousands of years, like Carthagethe legendary port that now lies in ruins near the modern capital of Tunisia.

The Mediterranean is set to see a record increase in tourism this year

An aerial view of a high-rise building development site in Greater Sousse in Tunisia, North Africa, along the Mediterranean Sea

Based on easyJet’s travel trends, other Mediterranean destinations that expect to grow in popularity this year are the Greek islands, particularly the Dodecanese duo of Kos, Rhodes and Crete, Santorini and Zakynthos, transcontinental giant Turkey and, finally, the Balkan gems of the mountain. Black and Albania - owned by the latter It went viral on TikTok.

There are no direct flights to Tunis-Carthage departing from the United States, but American travelers can either book one-stop connecting flights at other airports in Europe or North Africa, or fly low-cost to Tunisia after arriving in Europe first. Canadians, on the other hand, have it One way non-stop Available from Montreal-Trudeau International.

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