Trail 5 emerges as healthy destination for citizens - Newspaper

Islamabad: The biodiversity-rich Corridor 5 of Margalla Hills National Park (MHNP) has emerged as a new destination for nature lovers and hikers as they are often seen enjoying the lush green trails.

Salem Suleiman, a hiker and fitness instructor, told this agency that he started his meditation on the road two months ago.

He said the scenic trail, with its sprawling nature and silence, provided a special setting for yoga and meditation.

Solomon believes that due to the stressful times prevailing, it was necessary for individuals of every age group to visit trails and other nature-filled places to relieve stress and frustration.

He added, “It is good to take a walk on the trails because it not only reduces stress, but also maintains blood sugar levels and provides you with an opportunity to absorb positive energy from nature.”

Shonila Abid, a student, said the trail had a beautiful environment and attractive green cover that made one mesmerized.

“I have been visiting the trail since I started my undergraduate studies and it is my favorite pastime activity,” she said, adding that hiking helped improve her relationship with nature as it gave her an opportunity to learn more about plants as she encountered unique birds. Hovering on tree branches.

Sohail Butt, journalist and nature enthusiast, noted that previously, trails filled with plastic by irresponsible visitors were more or less controlled by the Islamabad Wildlife Management Board (IWMB) through mass education and public ownership.

He said his experience with hiking was exciting and memorable because the trail was ideal for enhancing trekking skills and improving one’s physical health.

He said, “Walking long distances never helps in losing weight but it strengthens the limbs and joints through strenuous physical exertion while going up the cliff.”

IWMB officials said the patrol staff were vigilant and cracked down on people who littered.

He added that they were also involved in raising awareness among visitors about not using plastic in the national park.

Published on Dawn, January 2, 2023