Travel agent Blue Sea Holidays won’t give us back our refund | Consumer affairs

Our travel agent, Blue Sea Holidays, is sitting on your money and refusing to pay us. When our flight back home from our vacation in Egypt was canceled, easyJet was unable to offer a replacement within a week, so we opted for a refund and organized our own transportation. I informed Blue Sea on our return and was told that since the holiday was booked on my credit card, the airline would pay me the refund directly. It didn’t arrive and easyJet told me that £593.46 had been paid over a month ago to my Blue Sea credit card, which was used to pay for my reservation. I emailed Blue Sea Holidays to inquire why the money was not being transferred, but received no response. I wrote a complaint but didn’t get any response on that either.

After a third email, the call center manager called me, explained that Blue Sea Holidays would not refund money, and insisted on claiming through my insurance company. Our insurance company is not willing to pay because easyJet has already refunded the cost of the flights. I seriously left out of my pocket.
GC, Liverpool

I have read your correspondence with Blue Sea Holidays and I am dumbfounded. The company repeatedly evades the recognition of easyJet payment and repeatedly refers you to your insurance company when it asks for it to be transferred to you. Alarmingly, he writes that this is the usual procedure when it is time for a refund to be paid for cancellation. Only if your insurance company declines, and you send the agent the denial letter, do you “look at it again”. Most insurance companies will drop as it is the airline’s responsibility to cancel.

And kindness to explain that the company is incompetent. However, “the usual procedures” indicate that they are sending customers like you down a rabbit hole in the hopes of keeping the airline’s response to itself. EasyJet confirms that the refund was sent to Blue Sea on May 25. Blue Sea failed to respond to my requests for comment, but after contacting me, the funds were abruptly withheld - 10 weeks after being paid. It should be noted that it is the responsibility of the airline to guarantee a refund or compensation to the passenger.

According to Coby Benson, of aviation specialist Bott & Co, the ball remains in the airline’s court if you pay the agent, who then fails to pass it, even though an airline gets to acknowledge this, and paying the amount a second time outside a courtroom is a matter other. Another option would have been a small claim against Blue Sea.

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