Tulum Is Home To Two Beachside Mayan Ruins You Can Visit

Mesmerizing Mexico conjures up visions of intriguing ancient ruins, gorgeous colonial villages, boundless bright blue beaches, and vibrant cities. The country’s long coastline attracts visitors with endless options for sunbathing and having a good time. It also offers a lot of activities and attractions. Hidden gems abound in this wonderful country. Tulum is a charming place and one of the must-visit cities in Mexico. The reason it has grown into a unique travel destination in the gorgeous Yucatan Peninsula is due to the strong pull of visitors as well as the history of the neighboring Tulum Mayan ruins. This beautiful Mexican city offers not only historical sights, but also stunning beaches, delicious restaurants, and luxury hotels. In addition, it is full of exciting things to do. Tulum’s attraction as a tourist destination has skyrocketed in recent years! Talk spread about how cool this small village actually was. A place like this deserves to be well enjoyed. Here are two amazing seaside Mayan ruins that any tourist should visit.


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Overview of the exceptional El Castillo hotel

This stately edifice, perched by the sea, is one of the highlights of the Tulum Archaeological Site. El Castillo, which means fortress, was constructed by the ancient Mayans on a cliff 40 feet (12 m) above sea level, making it a strategic lookout point to thwart potential enemy attacks and direct Mayan sailors who might crash into the reef. Near the coast of Tulum, part of the Mesoamerican coral reef system. This is considered the second largest reef system in the world after the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

Discover the amazing beauty of El Castillo

Although climbing the castle is prohibited, tourists can climb up the stone staircase on its side to inspect it and see the decorations on the three entrances, which are supported by three magnificent columns shaped like snakes. Before leaving, tourists should be sure to take a tour of the Templo de Los Frescos. Remains of a fresco depicting female and male deities, entwined snakes, and offerings of fruit, flowers and corn can be seen in a back room on the first level. In addition, large plaster masks supposedly depictions of the wonderful Mayan creator deity Itzmaná can be seen in the corners of the frieze.

  • open time: El Castillo is accessible daily from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

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Get an idea of ​​The Fabulous Templo De Los Dios Del Viento

Another important building in Tulum is the most photographed landmark of this archaeological site right next to the turquoise blue sea, the Templo del Dios del Viento. This Mayan structure houses a beautiful modest altar. There is a unique hole above it, and it is said that when a storm approaches, the hole will beep to alert the Maya when they need to evacuate the city and seek refuge in the jungle. It is also believed to be an astronomy observatory. Templo del Dios del Viento means temple of the wind god, and its name derives from the roundness of the base and the lack of angles, which were historically associated with the Mayan god Kukulkán and Ehécatl, which equate to the wind god in the city center. Mexico. Moreover, this deity was associated with the four cardinal directions because the wind blows in all directions, so to provide minimal wind resistance, its temples were shaped like cylinders.

Tips for taking a picture of the Temple of the Wind God

Templo del Dios del Viento is often taken as the perfect backdrop for many photos due to its excellent location, especially with the wonderful clear blue ocean lying beneath it along with the soft white sandy beach. To find a great angle for their photos, tourists will have to walk the trail that lines the edge of the impressive cliff behind the largest structure within the Tulum Archaeological Site, El Castillo.

What to know before visiting the exceptional ruins of Tulum

It is true that tourists cannot go inside the charming El Castillo and the dazzling Templo De Los Dios Del Viento, but they can follow the path designed to discover all the interesting ruins of this small old village up close. They can also spot different types of birds, some iguanas and quats, as well as sea turtles. However, if it is turtle nesting season, it is best to watch them from a distance to avoid any harm to the animals or their eggs. Moreover, travelers are asked to respect the rules and manuals, as well as act responsibly, to keep the place clean by packing their waste and throwing it at the indicated places, and to refrain from painting and carving on rubble stones.