Two Teams Emerge As Prime Robert Quinn Trade Destinations

Chicago Bears 2-2. The NFL trade deadline is November 1. That means four games are left before GM Ryan Poles makes a decision. Does he buy or sell or raise? The Bears have rarely been active on the deadline under Ryan Pace. However, the Poles have proven that it doesn’t work on top of those phones to find deals. Three of the next four games are on the way. It’s not hard to imagine 3-5 or 2-6 bears ending up by then. At this point, he might have to think about getting a head start in 2023. That’s where Robert Quinn comes in.

Trade rumors surrounded the passing star during the summer. Nothing happened. It makes sense. He is 32. Bears are rebuilding. Staying together doesn’t make much sense in the grand scheme. Things never materialized because the requests for help to rush to the edge weren’t loud enough. This appears to have changed. Christopher Knox of Bleacher Report has two teams as prime candidates to kidnap him if the bears open the door.

Quinn’s base salary of $12.8 million is reasonable, and we expect the teams to make serious inquiries if Chicago’s slide continues.

While the Broncos only has $9.1 million in available cover space and will have to clear a small space, Gregory’s injury makes Denver a reasonable landing point.

The Los Angeles Chargers, with a $6.5 million floor space, should be more financially creative. However, it is another logical landing spot. Shipper recently put Joey Bossa in the injured reserve, and his thigh tear appears to be more serious than originally thought.

According to Schefter, Bossa is expected to be out for eight to ten weeks.

Best Fits: Denver Broncos, Los Angeles Chargers

Robert Quinn doesn’t solve bears’ biggest problems.

This defense has issues with the dash of the pass, even with him on the roster. He has one red card in four games although he has managed to provide consistent pressure. There’s a good chance he can hit his stats against teams like Washington and New England. With just a few bags, his stock will be strong enough for someone to come over before Halloween. The obvious question is what can the bears get for.

A lot of that also depends on how much money the Poles are willing to put into his contract. If he is willing to absorb most of the salary, the other team may raise their compensation. That’s how Denver got the second- and third-round picks for Von Miller last season. Robert Quinn probably wouldn’t bring that much, but a decent third or fourth round is out of the question if the other team is desperate enough. The Chargers and the Broncos are both 2-2, with games going against Kansas City. They need men who can hunt Patrick Mahomes.

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