What Contact Lens Solution Should I Use

What Contact Lens Solution Should I Use. You can use rewetting drops if you have them available as a makeshift solution; That way. you’ll always have a way to rinse or clean your contacts.

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Taking a spare case along with the solution is. Clean your lens storage case in warm soapy water at least once a week. Use only sterile saline solution for rinsing. but don’t use it for cleaning and disinfecting your contacts.

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These contact lenses might be helpful if youve tried soft contact lenses and have been unsatisfied with the results or if you have dry eyes. rigid gas permeable contact lenses are more durable than soft contact lenses. Clean your lenses after removal as indicated by your eyecare practitioner.

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What contact lens solution should i use? This is not true today.


Never put contacts in your mouth to wet them. Contact lens solution is traditionally used to store contact lenses when they’re not being worn. but some contact lens solutions can also clean and disinfect contact lenses.

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Put the plug in the sink if working over a sink. Do not use your saliva;

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Never put contacts in your mouth to wet them. Contact lens solution is a product you should splurge on.

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Although a saline solution will keep your contacts from drying out overnight. it will not remove mineral deposits that might have appeared on your lenses. Saline solution is used for rinsing after cleaning and disinfecting.

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Contacts were basically composed of plastic and water and the cl solutions were similarly formulated regardless of manufacturer. And one of the most popular. You may put a couple of drops of saline or rinsing solution on your eyes if you feel your eyes are dry.

This Is Not True Today.

Avoid sharing contact solution and contact lens cases with others. However. each of these solutions has benefits for specific pain points and lens types. Saliva (spit) is not a sterile solution.

Saline Solution Is Used For Rinsing After Cleaning And Disinfecting.

They each come with specific use instructions and a new case (as you should replace your lens case each time you buy new solution). Do not use your saliva; When handling your lenses. work over a clean flat surface.

There Are Different Types Of Contact Lens Solutions You Can Choose From:

Cleaning solution is used for cleaning. but not disinfecting. your contact lenses. Whenever you do wash out your case. you use tap water instead of contact lens solution. Use these to keep reaping the benefits of wearing contact lenses.

Saline Is One Of A Few Alternatives For Contact Solution As A Temporary.

Hydrogen peroxide solutions do a great job of disinfecting your lenses. Like multipurpose contact lens solutions. hpb lens care systems very effectively disinfect contact lenses if used properly. A few years ago. choosing a contact lens solutions was pretty much a non issue.