Which Countries Have the Safest Drinking Water for Tourists?

You’re a real traveler if you’re familiar with Montezuma’s Revenge, a euphemism used to warn tourists that it’s possible - how do we put this? Digestive side effects of drinking tap water or eating certain foods in some countries.

Don’t take risks with your hydration anymore.


To find out which countries have safe tap water for tourists, the Family Vacation Guide looked at CDC data to reveal which destinations are green-lighting their tap water for tourists to drink.

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The focus is on tourists. The Family Vacation Guide noted that it is important to remember that neither a safe nor an unsafe list does not mean that a country’s water is unsafe or polluted for the local population. It is just advice or recommendations that tourists’ bodies will not adapt to the water in the area and should stick to bottled water.

There were 193 countries included in the data. Surprisingly, only 53 countries were deemed to have tap water safe to drink. Places on the list include the United States, United Kingdom, Spain, France, Canada, Chile, Singapore and many more.

By comparison, there were 160 countries where it was not safe to drink water as a tourist. Some of the most surprising locations include the Bahamas, China, the Canary Islands, and the Maldives.

Check both safe and unsafe tap water lists.