Wondering where to plan your next trip? Here are the top 10 destinations of 2023

Written by: Brisha | Updated: Jan 14, 2023 at 11:47 PM IST

Planning your next big trip this year but struggling to decide on the perfect destination? Well, here is our list of the top places that made it to the “best 52 places to go 2023 list,” which was put out by The New York Times.

Destinations is organized around four key elements that make us want to travel and explore the world - natural beauty, culture, adventure, and most importantly food. Most destinations offer travelers all of these elements plus a lot of fun and exploration.

1. London, United Kingdom

London is known to be one of the best cities in the world, but this time it has emerged as the top favourite, leaving behind the travel destinations of New Zealand, Japan and the United States. Taking the top spot, fantastic new openings to the city such as the attractive Elizabeth line, and the refurbished Battersea power station are some of the highlights to look forward to in 2023.

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2. Morioka, Japan

The cities of Morioka and Fukuoka in Japan ranked second. The newspaper highlighted Morioka “often bypassed or completely ignored” as foreign tourists continue to crowd Kyoto, Osaka and Tokyo. Morioka is “a walkable gem without the crowds, a short bullet train ride from Tokyo,” stated the New York Times, highlighting how the city stands as a unique blend of traditional Japanese and Western architecture, formerly belonging to the Taisho era. In the 20th century.

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3. Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, Arizona

Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park is among the most photographed destinations on Earth. The canyon is filled with sandstone rock formations that have been carved out over time 400 to 1,000 feet above the canyon. Surrounded by hills, mesas and desert environment, the valley is one of the natural wonders of the world.

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4. Kilmartin Glen, Scotland

Kilmartin Glen in Scotland is among the most important prehistoric sites in Britain, yet it rarely gets visitors. Travelers can be amazed at the majestic stone circles, rock carvings of concentric rings, and standing slabs. The authorities have reopened the Kilmartin Museum, with additional exhibitions, to update past history and explore the area’s monuments and thriving natural life.

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5. Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland, which reached 5th place, has been lauded for being the culinary capital. “Auckland is usually the entry point for the rest of New Zealand’s natural attractions, but travelers passing by might miss that it’s also the culinary capital (sorry, Wellington),” the paper said. “The restaurants that were thriving while the country’s borders were closed are now ready to be sampled by all,” she said, inviting the world to explore the culinary delights.

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6. Palm Springs, California

Palm Springs in California was once said to be the proverbial playground for movie stars, but now it is the ultimate relaxation destination for those looking for a getaway in the desert. With an emphasis on art and design, Palm Springs stands out as the perfect blend of sophistication and nature.

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7. Kangaroo Island, Australia

According to The New York Times, Australia’s Kangaroo Island is “amazing wildlife, stunning ocean views, and its status as an ecological haven — like a zoo without the fences.” The newspaper emphasized Seal Bay National Park, Kangaroo Koala Island, Parnandana Wildlife Rescue Center and Southern Ocean Lodge.

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8. Vjosa River, Albania

The Vjosa River in Albania was ranked eighth for travel in 2023. The newspaper emphasized a project to “protect the Vjosa” after the Albanian government decided to build a HPP along the river.

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9. Accra, Ghana

The food world in Accra is usually divided into two types such as ‘chop bars’, which serve cheap, traditional meals such as fufu (cooked using yams or green plantains, and ground cassava) served with spicy tomato soup, and expensive restaurants that cater to foreign fare. People who travel to Accra can explore the wave of entrepreneurs and chefs who are bridging the gap by creating local cuisine.

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10. Tromso, Norway

The Arctic capital, Tromsø, has a plethora of activities to offer to anyone visiting the place. People can enjoy the vibrant city life as well as explore the arctic wilderness. It is a favorite destination for watching the Northern Lights as well as the midnight sun, and people from all over the world travel to Tromso every year to visit their dream destination.

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13. Kerala, India

The Indian state of Kerala also made it to the list of top travel destinations, ranking 13th. According to the report, Kerala is known for its culture, backwater lakes, cuisine, and beaches. He also emphasized responsible tourism destinations in the state like Kumarakom and Maravanthurthu.

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