Education Can ONLY Be Offered:
How K-12 Schools Will Save Democracy

by Don Berg, Founder
Attitutor Services

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When students see instruction as imposed, learning is shallow or fake.

When they see instruction as a good opportunity, learning is deeper.

Don Berg offers a unique perspective on education and how to systematically improve schools by switching to more democratic processes.

Schools practicing democracy with children have been leading the way for decades.

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This book reframes holistic education and offers guidance to schools that aspire to being holistic.

Don Berg offers a unique large-scale perspective on the challenges of K-12 education leadership today.

He suggests that one of the most marginal segments of the industry has the most to teach those in the mainstream.

The mainstream is off-track because of understandable but mistaken ideas about learning and human nature that create a powerful illusion that misguides system-scale efforts to improve the outcomes of schooling.

Dispelling the illusion requires educators to rethink the distinction between being a teacher and an instructor.

Teaching needs to be about the creation of learning contexts while instruction is about helping students accurately grasp content.

A more careful approach to instructing children is needed.

The book presents design criteria to help schools change in the right way and a map of how school organizations can do better by both their teachers and students.

Available on Amazon: Kindle or Paperback