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Schools Of Conscience, Issue #001 -- Book Update: Every Parent's Dilemma
October 04, 2014

Since this is the kick-off for my newsletter I want to find out what you would like to find in your in-box in the future. My expertise is in K-12 education, particularly alternatives to the mainstream, and the psychology of motivation. I am also enthusiastic about entrepreneurship, societal transformation, and how to create systems that help people meet their primary human needs (for air, food, water, sleep, shelter, relatedness, competence, and autonomy). I invite you to share with me you curiosities, questions, wonderings, or perplexities about these areas or anything you think might be related to them.

My new book, Every Parent's Dilemma: Why Do We Ignore Schools That Nurture Children? is almost finished. Here's a link to the draft cover for Every Parent's Dilemma (with the old sub-title). I could use your help in the lead up to its release in February 2015. There are a few options for helping.

You could read the manuscript and write a pre-publication review. If you have a blog or another place to publish it you are encouraged to do that or you can send me your thoughts directly.

From January 21st (my birthday) to February 14th (Valentine's Day) I will be running a crowd-funding campaign to raise funds to promote the book. You could make a pledge for how much you will contribute to the campaign on the first day and how you can spread the word about the campaign. My goal is to gather $1,000 in pledges for the first day before the campaign starts in order to get a good burst of momentum out of the gates. The do-or-die goal is going to be $3,000 to get me around Oregon and Washington. I have stretch goals to get me further and further away from home.

If you know a celebrity in the education world or a famous person who is known for their commitment to K-12, then you could make an introduction or find out if they would be willing to write a pre-publication review for this book.

You can reply to this e-mail with your choice of helpfulness.

I will be traveling through October until the end of the first week of December on unrelated business so if you want to contact me e-mail will be best. I will sent out another newsletter like this in December and there will probably be a series of these about every other week in January and February. The it will be back to about monthly.


Don Berg

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