Parenting Advice And Resources
From Parents To Parents

by Don Berg, Founder
Attitutor Services

Parenting advice and resources are some times best given from parent to parent.

So, since I am not yet a biological parent, I will introduce you to some people who are and have valuable on-line resources to share.

On this page you will find gathered together a solid group of experienced parents who are right there with you as a parent.

As I gather parent resources I will keep an eye out for online gems that resonate with my understanding of education as a lifelong process to share with you.

The first parent I want to introduce you to is Bonnie Harris who is sharing her Connective Parenting philosophy.

Bonnie gives parenting advice in her books, but she is also providing a great newsletter that you can subscribe to on her website.

Bonnie teaches parents valuable skills that are focused on being practical and straightforward about what's really going on between you and your child.

Naomi Aldort, the author of Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves has a web site that focuses on what is known as attachment parenting.

I met her and two of her boys while I was the assistant manager at the Olympic Hostel at Fort Worden in Port Townsend.

She teaches parents to pay attention to how the automatic responses that our minds generate get in the way of being an authentic human being with our children.

Being an authentic human being is the most important thing we can be and the more we can achieve it the more likely we can help our children be authentic, too.

Here is a playlist of six videos (from ~2 to ~8 min. in order from shortest to longest) of Naomi:

Alfie Kohn is the author of Punished By Rewards and many other books plus his website,, but I wanted to share these three short videos (~1 to 12 minutes) of him sharing some of tidbits from his work.

I will add to this page as I find the kinds of resources that I will want to have handy when I become a parent looking for resources.