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Don Berg

Don Berg is an education psychology researcher, alternative education practitioner, leader, and author.

The peer-reviewed journals Other Education and The Journal Of The Experimental Analysis Of Behavior have published his research.

He has over 25 years of experience leading children in self-directed educational settings.

In order to build the nurturing capacity of all K-12 schools he founded Schools of Conscience.

He serves as an officer on the boards of several educational and political organizations.

The Joyful Llama Ranch in West Linn, Oregon is his home.

Don Berg is the Author of:

  • Every Parent’s Dilemma: Why Do We Ignore Schools That Nurture Children?
  • Attitude First: A Leadership Strategy for Educational Success
  • The Attitude Problem In Education
  • Is Educating All Children Possible? (Based on the Status Quo, No.)


  • 2012 Graduate Reed College with a BA in Psychology/ Theater
  • 1991 Graduate Northwest Nannies Institute, Certified Professional Nanny
  • 1986 Graduate Lakewood High School, Lakewood, California


  • Born in 1968.
  • Lives at the Joyful Llama Ranch in West Linn, Oregon, USA (current as of July 2015)

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