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Schools Of Conscience, Issue #011 -- "Nurturing is the Foundation" Resolution Campaign
December 13, 2015

A Word From Don

  • We are soft starting our inaugural "Nurturing is the Foundation" Resolution Campaign.
  • I recently created a new 7-minute video for the home page introducing the campaign using my fauxchievement story.
  • If you would like to join please click here.


    Don Berg, Founder

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A Word From Don

"Nurturing is the Foundation" Resolution Campaign

"Nurturing is the Foundation" Resolution Campaign

This campaign is about starting a new conversation in the education world.

We are focused on getting schools and other types of learning organizations to explicitly acknowlege that nurturing is the foundation of learning and that primary need support is the most basic form of nurturing.

The strategic goal is to provide a new framework within which all K-12 schools can build great education, independent of their various pedagogical committments.

Starting with the scientific view of primary human needs as a core element of the framework puts the numerous pedagogical variations in schools today on a level playing field because they all share the fact that human beings are their central concern.

This is the beginning of the long-term process of establishing a strong network of like-minded schools and their allies who share in a fundamental committment to the well-being of everyone in education.

Please endorse the resolution and encourage others to endorse it, too.

We are soft starting the campaign by getting our usual suspects (our donors and newsletter subscribers) to see what we're up to and give us feedback.

A soft start is the preliminary work that goes into getting some traction with supporters before making a big public launch effort.

I made a new 7-minute video about my own story of fauxchievement in order to personalize the home page of the web site and this campaign:

The home page also includes a SurveyMonkey web form for endorsements.

Please spread the word and encourgage endorsments from everyone who cares about education.

I also created a new campaign guide page to explain how to conduct a campaign in support of the resolution.

For those who want to recruit team members in the old fashioned analog way for their campaign the page includes links to several printable resources including an endorsement form that includes the whole text of the resolution and a blank sign-up sheet.

If there are any other materials that you would like to see available in support of your efforts to spread the word, please make a suggestion.

Your comments, questions, and corrections are welcome feedback.


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