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Attitutor Essay Collection E-Book

I admit that many of the pages on my site are just too long for easy on-line reading, so I have put over 30 of the most important pages into an e-book for your reading convenience!

Here's what it includes:




  • Teach Kids Attitude First: The Attitutor Manifesto

  • Attitude: Why Teach Attitude?
    We must teach attitude because it is more elementary than teaching academics, so if children don't master atttiude first, they are being cheated.

    • Attitude Simplified
      Attitude is how you arrange the mental furniture of your body/mind re-creational vehicle as you explore the world of your experiences.

    • General Definition of Attitude
      Educators need a definition of attitude that anticipates the needs of learners, not the needs of those who want to manipulate them.

    • Technical Definition of Attitude
      Educators need a technical definition of attitude to be able to develop objective measures of teaching attitude successfully.

    • Positive Attitude in Reality
      Positive attitude is more than thinking good thoughts, it's the ability to access a beneficial state of mind regardless of your situation.

    • Re-reading Viktor Frankl's Man's Search For Meaning: Writing In Spite of My Schooling
      Starting with Viktor Frankl's quote about attitude learn how the stories we are told, and tell ourselves, create who we are.

  • Parenting: Parenting Advice And Resources From Parents To Parents
    Parenting advice and resources for parents from parents.

    • Parenting Styles or Childing Styles
      Parenting styles researchers assert that if you simply behave right as a parent your children will behave right, too. This is wrong, parenting is a moral, not behavioral challenge.

    • Expert Parenting Advice, Can We Trust It?
      What's a parent to do when parenting experts disagree? Some expert parenting advice seems absurd, but is it true?

    • Parenting Facts
      Parenting fact #5: Parenting is a moral challenge not a behavioral one. Read all five parenting facts here.

  • Home Schooling: Home School Curriculum: Start Anywhere, Learn Everything
    This is a free home school curriculum approach that teaches the 3R's of Respect, Responsibility, and Resourcefulness.

    • The Moral Path of Curriculum: Fulfillment Or Judgment?
      Every curriculum takes the moral path of either fulfillment or judgment, find out how to tell which way you're going.

  • Teaching: Being a Good Teacher, What's It Take?
    Being a good teacher requires both passion and a place that supports you to be passionate.

    • What is Teaching?
      The obvious core of teaching is facilitating learning, but teachers are, more importantly, cultural catalysts.

    • Ruby Payne's Framework For Preserving Poverty
      Ruby Payne offers teachers in the trenches a new weapon in the fight against poverty, too bad it will backfire.

    • My Big Teaching Idea
      My big teaching idea came on a baseball field and makes the idea that teaching is just delivering units of knowledge, skills and information to students look rather absurd.

    • Lifelong Learning is Lifelong Thrival
      Lifelong learning is a buzz word for something that everyone wants to achieve, but does it really mean something important?

    • What's A Teacher To Do?
      A teacher who disagrees with the status quo has a big challenge, but by s/he staying focused on the 3R's of respect, responsibility and resourcefulness, sanity is possible.

  • Rethinking School: Debunking The Myth That School is a Classroom
    A school is any context designed for learning but the persistent myth that it must include a classroom does everyone a disservice.

    • In Elementary School, What's Elementary?
      Optimal states of mind is more elementary in elementary school than literacy.

    • Democratic Schooling: Nurturing Every Child, Not Just Playing The Odds
      Which is better for children, wild democratic schools or dictatorial industrial classrooms? Democratic schooling makes more sense than you might think.

    • Beyond the NCLB Act: Further Along the Moral Path of Judgment
      A bipartisan report on the NCLB act calls for continued measurements of all the wrong outcomes and sends us further down the same moral path of judgment.

    • Reading First Is Failing: Attitude Is Being Ignored
      An article in Education Week announces that the billion-dollars-a-year Reading First NCLB program is failing but they aren't talking about the REAL reasons why.

    • Early Academic Achievement Is A Waste: Invest In Early Attitude Achievement
      Early academic achievement is a well-intentioned booby prize, instead, elementary age kids need to build a strong attitude foundation from the 3R's of Respect, Responsibility and Resourcefulness.

    • What Makes A Good School? Picking Good Students!
      A college president finally admits that good schools do not produce good students, they benefit from the desirable qualities of students who were already good.

    • Breaking The Classroom Habit
      The classroom is an educational habit and it's a habit that is sometimes bad for children. Here's the story of how I broke my classroom habit.

  • Education: Attitutor Learning Theory
    Learning is automatic, unconscious and impossibe to avoid. A learning theory based on learning, not just teaching.

    • Definition of Education
      A proper definition of education is NOT the delivery of information, it is cognitive mapping of reliable access to optimal states of mind.

    • Why Is Education Important?
      This exploration of how education, properly understood, provides individual fulfillment, fosters resilience and may ensure our species survival answers the question: Why Is Education Important?

    • Our Education System: What are the Nuts and Bolts?
      Our education system today should make optimal states of mind a higher priority than literacy.

  • Leadership: Leadership Is Not Management
    Leadership is about aligning the context of an organization to meet the needs of those inside, those outside it, and other organizations. Management is just meeting the needs of the organization.


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Don Berg

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