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Is your school community asking questions like these (or do you think they should be?):

  • Where can we find a new staff person who is:

    • enthusiastic,
    • understands the complexity and depth of our moral mission,
    • has a deeply held passion for facilitating a learning community like ours, and
    • a mature perspective that incorporates the long-term business side of operating a school?

  • What is the moral mission of our school?

  • How does our school contribute to the whole community of life?

  • What is our marketing strategy for ensuring that our neighbors understand our moral mission?

  • How can we create a fresh and relevant marketing message that both signals our deeper mission and attracts positive attention?

  • How do our administrative systems support (or detract from) our marketing, recruiting, educating and alumni servicing strategies and plans?

These are questions that are central to the sustainability of your school and as a teacherpreneur (entrepreneurial teacher) I have wrestled with all of them for years. Don Berg, Founder of Attitutor Services

I can help your school community wrestle with them, too.

I would not presume to know the answers for your community, but having been through the process I am familiar with the territory.

I am ready to be hired and make the transition back into full-time educational service.

I suspect that the most likely place to welcome my contribution is a democratic or free school, but I am open to putting my expertise to the test in just about any kind of organization that will support me to directly serve the needs of teachers and/or kids.

With my background as a teacherpreneur I offer a variety of skills related to both teaching and business.

In a school community I would be glad to participate in every aspect of the business of the school to help to ensure that marketing, recruiting, and administration systems are all aligned to achieve both business goals and support the educational mission.

Here's a few ways that I have imagined I could serve:

  • I can give public presentations about putting attitude before academics, how to solve problems in a variety of educational settings from this perspective, or special applications of the ideas about teaching and education presented on this site to other community issues.
  • I can help an established but small democratic/free-style school to shift their marketing and recruiting program to emphasize their strengths as a learning community instead of focusing on the weakness of other approaches or resorting to tired slogans that are no longer relevant.

    Specifically, I would see if teaching visitors and prospective students and parents how to understand the social and educational value of what they observe during their visits according to the ideas in my democratic schooling pages would be helpful.

  • I can help a classroom-style school make a systematic transition to more democratic power structures and exchange processes by my providing intensive staff and community development and on-site consulting.

    Specifically, training staff on the basics of how the current power structures and exchange processes function and identifying opportunities for them to shift to more inclusive participation in the classroom or in the whole school.

  • I can help a newly formed school to refine and solidify their power structures and exchange processes into a sustainable school culture.

    Specifically, training parents and teachers to recognize and embody their roles as leaders in a community as opposed to either the old school role of authority-in-charge of behavioral management or, worse, the na�ve-freedom ideal of human carpets whose sole purpose is to be walked on by students who don't know what else to do.

These are just some ideas from an outsiders imagination.

I am committed to listening to the needs of your community if you are willing to give me a chance to serve.

I have had the patience to take five years to re-develop how I will serve education through developing my book and this web site, I can certainly take some time to find out what your needs are and how I can best serve.

Please contact me if you have a position open in your school or if you know of a position in another school or another organization that might be appropriate.


Don Berg, Attitutor Services

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