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Attitutor Manifesto E-Booklet
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This web site has been a labor of love, and your contribution can help keep it going.

As a thank you for your support I am offering a free download of the Illustrated Attitutor Manifesto.

The Attitutor Manifesto presents a plan for putting attitude before academics in education, here's why:

In education the easy North/ South navigation method is academics, but the crucial East/West longitude method is still missing.

Without it educators fail to provide students with full access to the open oceans of human potential.

In elementary classrooms everywhere we are losing the potential for entrepreneurial, vocational, and artistic genius because of the gaping hole in our education system's ability to deal with attitude.

Mainstream academic classroom schooling is organized to

  • travel the moral path of discrimination,
  • make academics the first priority, and
  • use the �delivery� metaphor

The alternative is re-organizing elementary schools to

  • travel the moral path of fulfillment,
  • make attitude the first priority, and
  • use the �cartography� metaphor

Academics have their place, but attitude must come first in elementary education.

The two keys to elementary education reform are:

  • Facilitating positive peer culture, and
  • Ensuring motivational development

Make a donation today to get your free copy.