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School Work In The Real World...

Stanislav Shalunov's daughter got an offer for a job that has:

  • $0 salary and no equity (you�re supposed to be compensated in experience)

  • no benefits other than vacation and sick time: no insurance, for example

  • no job description: just do what you�re told

  • micromanaging boss asks about project status every hour

  • strict hours, starting at 8:30AM sharp

  • rigid workweek and you�re expected to work from home a ton

  • open-desk seating, not even a cube, with a hard chair

  • the work is boring and demeaning, like adding digits and copying text

  • all your useless work gets thrown away

His daughter rejected this ridiculous offer and is now just working on side projects while looking for a better opportunity.

But millions of other seven-year-olds accepted identical offers to do school work.

Stanislav Shalunov is the author of the Hacking Startups Blog where you can read the full version.

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    What does truthiness do at school? If truthiness is about knowing from the gut, schooliness is about knowing because they said it would be on the test.

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